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MSO incubation

We will grow a lasting brand (affiliate) business.


our customers,

Hospital MSO, who wants to grow affiliate business,

These are people who want to start anew.

single hospital,

Successfully nurtured

This consulting is suitable for medical practitioners who have grown a single hospital for several years and are considering growth through commercialization, which is the next step. 

Started an affiliate business

​ of open hospitals that have not been activated

We provide consulting on how to succeed through diagnosis on 'loose affiliate structure, unprofitable affiliate structure, MSO lacking affiliate service, and MSO with an uncertain future'.

Due to dissatisfaction with existing affiliates,

For those who want to build their own MSO,

We provide consulting on the operating system to improve the problems of the existing franchise headquarters, such as 'lack of marketing, alienation of some branches, and lack of management efficiency'.


Our consulting

A hospital brand that can be affiliated with

created as a system rather than an individual doctor

Make your business perpetuate.


Affiliate brand optimization

Planning stage:  

  • We review whether a brand is eligible for franchising.

  • We plan brands and products suitable for affiliate business.

  • ​ We review local commercial areas where franchising is possible.

Budgeting Stages:  

  • Review the business viability of the underlying brand.  

  • Plan the business promotion budget.

  • Predict the performance of business promotion.

Stages of business progress:  

  • Coordinate business progress through division of work.

  • Execute planning budgets and measure effectiveness.

  • Short-term > mid-term > long-term goals are achieved.


Our way of working is,

We lead hospital franchise success through brand marketing that understands the opening price market, business management of opening budget / profit and loss, business support work setting, and operation manual setting.


Affiliate brand business manager

marketing work  :  

  • Apply the concept through brand rebuilding.

  • ​ We plan content according to the brand concept.

  • Optimize media execution through planning budget.

Management performance measurement/analysis  :  

  • We measure brand marketing and business performance.

  • Efficient 'marketing and operation' through measurement.

  • Manage overall and branch business performance.​

Management support systemization:  

  • Standardize the work of HR, purchasing, general affairs, and finance.

  • Build an operating manual.  

  • ​ Build a clinical manual.

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