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MSO 부분
교수형 황동 램프

Hospital Management Support Company (MSO)

established and built

  • Input period :     3 to 4 weeks

consulting :

Structural design and establishment planning according to MSO growth stages


Target :  

  • After the growth of a single hospital/a single brand, when additional business expansion is desired

  • If you wish to run a hospital brand business through ample capital

  • In case of wishing for a hospital brand business (affiliation) with a business partner

process :  

Interview (past/present/future) > Proposal of suitable type > Structural design and planning


  • Optimization model presented through success/failure cases

  • MSO mid- to long-term business budget and target sales planning

  • legal structural design

교수형 램프

MSO incubation and

Current MSO Growth Consulting

  • Input period :     2 weeks - 3 weeks

consulting :

Existing MSO management analysis and management improvement consulting


Target :  

  • MSO in operation, is there any business feasibility?

  • What is the difference between a competitive MSO and ours?

  • How to improve an MSO full of legal issues?

  • Are the capabilities and roles of MSO members appropriate?

process :  

Diagnosis (past/present/future) > Proposal of suitable type > Structural design and planning


  • Early MSO > Mid-Term MSO > Design for Long-Term MSO

  • Diagnose legal problems

  • legal structural design

  • Diagnosis of MSO Personnel Members

병원 브랜드사업 부분
케이지 램프

Hospital brand (affiliation)

Business planning consulting

  • Input period :     4 weeks or more

consulting :

Hospital brand business planning and introduction/contract consulting


Target :  

  • How to start a hospital brand business (affiliation)?

  • What are the services and prices of the brand business (affiliate)?

  • How will the brand value be constructed, and how will it be paid for?

process :  

Diagnosis (past/present/future) > Proposal of suitable type > Structural design and planning


  • Comparison of other competitor brand business  

  • Deriving detailed quotations for the services provided

  • Business manuals and introductions for long-term business 

인사시스템 부분
카페의 인테리어

Establishment of hospital personnel system

Growing into a mid-to-large hospital

  • Input period :     3 weeks or more

consulting :

Establishment of hospital personnel system for organizational growth (organizational composition, evaluation compensation, organizational culture)


Target :  

  • Hospitals that grow from 10 to 20 to 40 to 60 and from 50 to 60 to 100

  • Hospitals that are often told that there is no personnel system

  • Hospitals with many employees entering and leaving throughout the year

process :  

Diagnosis (past/present/future) > Proposal of suitable types >Evaluation compensation, division of duties, reorganization planning


  • HR know-how that has experienced a successful transition to medium- and large-sized companies

  • Hospital HR system, not corporate HR system

  • Comparison of industry average salary, benefits, and working hours

해외사업 부분
장식 조명

Consulting for overseas expansion of hospitals

(direct, affiliate)

  • Input period :     2 weeks or more

consulting :

Hospital overseas expansion (direct, affiliate) consulting - China, Vietnam, Thailand


Target :  

  • In case of business proposal from overseas - contract method, service provided, FEE receiving method, etc.

  • What should I prepare for overseas expansion? - Brand manual, organization, etc.

  • In case of overseas business, if there is no person in charge

  • If it is difficult to prepare a proposal for overseas business

process :  

Diagnosis (Proposal and Partners) > Presenting the type of fit > Working with the business structure and proposal


  • Possessing various business proposals (success stories) -  Affiliate, Direct, China, Vietnam, Thailand

  • China Affiliate Business  CASE   

  • Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Direct Investment CASE

  • Thailand Bangkok Direct Investment CASE

  • LA Direct Investment CASE, USA

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